Snowy Range Academy

Our School

Snowy Range Academy is a public, tuition-free charter school, serving approximately 200 kindergarten through eighth grade students. At SRA, we are dedicated to providing a quality education in a positive, safe environment. We offer a daily after school program as well as Spanish, art, music, and physical education several times per week to all our students, depending on the grade level.

Our Mission

The mission of Snowy Range Academy is to offer an academically rigorous, content-rich integrated educational program grounded in a common foundation and sequence of study. Snowy Range Academy will provide excellence and fairness in education by operating according to policies based on values of inclusiveness, personal responsibility, honesty, self-reliance, and courtesy.

Snowy Range Academy recognizes the leadership of teachers in the classroom and will develop a school structure emphasizing how students, parents, administrators, and other relevant parties can support the teachers in their delivery of academic content. Within the context of the goals listed here, Snowy Range Academy will endeavor to instruct students in skills they can use for the rest of their lives. The result will be a student body that has attained high levels of academic competence, comprised of individuals who are motivated to continue to develop their knowledge and skills.

Our Vision Statement

Our goal is to help every child strive for excellence—in academics, character, and citizenship, within a rich intellectual environment. To achieve this:

  • Students will come prepared to learn.
  • Teachers will maintain high expectations.
  • Parents will assist with their children’s education and support the school through service.
  • The administration and board will provide strong, effective leadership.

Philosophy & Goals

The foundation for Snowy Range Academy’s educational vision is built upon the following elements:

  • A structured and disciplined, academics-focused classroom and school environment
  • High time on task
  • Teacher-directed classroom
  • High standards and expectations for all students
  • Strong emphasis on literacy, critical thinking, and shared cultural knowledge through Spalding Language Arts and Core Knowledge curricula
  • Character education
  • School-wide uniform code